Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My First Time and a recipe for you

Friends, Lovers, Countrypeople! Welcome to my blob and Happy New Moon!
An auspicious day to begin this blog (which by the way is a testament to manifestation. A certain weeyotch, also known for curing foot injuries, said, "I've decided you will have a blog.") I am writing this mainly see what color the text is, but while I am here I will share a secret recipe for Honey Dripping Onions, which will keep you in high health through the wet wintry muck.

Slice an onion into skinny thin slices.
Put them in a bowl.
Cover them with honey (and put a little plate over the bowl if you have creatures that visit your countertops).
Let it sit overnight.
Now you have delicious, soft sweet onions, medicinal honey, and a pretty good marinade too. Put it in a little jar and put it in the fridge. Eat a spoonful everyday to keep the sickness away.

Make a blog: check.
PS I am all for turning the tides about fear of garlic and onion breath. I am pretty sure somehow this is a conspiracy cooked up to keep us addicted to pharmaceuticals or at least anti-witchcraft. Personally, I will take a kiss from a garlic eater anytime.

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