Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fairy grad school

I just spent a week in Fairy Heaven. Actually it was more like Fairy Grad School. I met my dear friend (and brilliant intuitive counselor/flower essence practitioner) Shayne up in Nevada City for a week long intensive at the Flower Essence Society, run by the grand pubas of flower essences, Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski. 
It was in their house, which was totally out of Lord of the Rings- swirling sparkling fountains, ornately carved doors with crystals and tiny spiders made of jewels, distinctly Waldorfian lack of right angles, the entire house organized by COLOR! And on such exquisite land I cried almost everyday- once in a crotch of Madrone trees in the woods, again laying in a ridiculously abundant field of calendula, later upon sticking my face into a velvet palace known as Magnolia...This place was remedy in itself. 
After years of taking  essences made from these flowers, I found myself face to face with these beloveds- kind of like meeting your soul mate from the internet after years of online romance. There was the labrynth of yarrow, the first essence I ever took, holding an inner circle of Ladies Mantle, my current lover. 
And I was so inspired by their laboratory where the mother essences are poured with prayer into the tiny purple bottles you buy or drool over at your health food store. Every day we were fed with fairy vittles and sent outside to wander and lay in the delicious Northern California sunshine- my kind of school. I came home each evening to our little cabin aglow and full of information, and then we would traipse through the magical village of Nevada City, where I met the lovely Wendy, chef and lady shopkeeper of In the Kitchen (where you can now find my Charmed Honey). http://www.wendyvanwagner.com/
 I love the Yuba River and I love those craggy blood red mountains, and also, I feel really at home in a place called Gold Country. 
I feel full and grateful.

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