Thursday, December 17, 2009

climate summit: I love you, evo morales

I have been obsessively listening to the Climate Summit on Democracy Now every morning. My desire to be there, to be in the streets of copenhagen with protesters from around the world stems not from guilt or obligation, but from a place deep in my heart that knows that we all need to be stepping up right now. My friend Riyana is there and I have been reading her posts like a hungry bear. if you want to read a beautiful and thoughtful summary of one protestors' experience, go here.

Also, was I dreaming or did Bolivian President Evo Morales say Mother Earth on the radio and then go on to call for an end to capitalism and industrial growth society?  my mind was blown by hearing a world leader make sense. 


    AMY GOODMAN: President Morales, what are you calling here—for here at the UN climate summit? 

    PRESIDENT EVO MORALES: [translated] Defense of the rights of Mother Earth. The earth is our life. Nature is our home, our house. Happily, the United Nations have declared a Mother Earth Day. If the mother is recognized as Mother Earth, it’s something that can’t be sold, it’s something that can’t be—it can’t be violated, something sacred. This is nature. This is planet earth. And that’s why I’ve come here, to defend the rights of Mother Earth, to defend the rights to life, to defend humanity and saving Mother Earth

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