Wednesday, April 28, 2010

chop wood, carry water, swing on tree swing.

Hi. This is my backyard.

My new morning practice involves a tree swing and bare feet on the grass.

I don't even want to be inside ever. Well, okay, maaaaaybe I'll go inside when I am being swarmed by mosquitos at dusk. Does anyone have suggestions on how to invoke feelings of love and compassion towards bloodsucking parasitic creatures like ticks? I want to love them. I do. I know they are just trying to get their needs met like all of us, but why does it have to involve my blood? This is an edge for me: learning to love parasites. 

Did I mention that on my first evening here a mama bear and two cubs walked through the yard? BEARS! The yard I speak of, by the way, is 6 acres of swampy foresty magic which then at some mysterious point unfolds into 600 acres of conservation land. 

I will try to write on more serious things soon, but right now I am too busy testing out which moss is the softest to lay on.

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