Tuesday, March 30, 2010

fare thee well, california.

I love you

It's my last full moon in California. It's bittersweet, this move. I am going to a place where everything will smell different and I might not know anyone's name (the plants names that is). I love California. I love my work. I love my communities. I love all my clients. I love Rainbow Grocery. I love the cherry trees in spring and how the sidewalks look like a princess parade went by. I love the hot days on gay beach. I love the sea. I love the wild oats getting golden and rustling and eating my way through blackberries on Bernal Hill. I love my family I have woven together for 15 years here. I love rituals in my living room with everyone squished together singing and feasting. I love walking the dog and everyone shouting, "Rainbow!" as he goes by. I love the bearded boys as the corner store. I love Community Thrift. I love the fairies and the queers and the kids and the witches and the activists and the marches and the bicyclists and the fog and the pigeons and the buses and the stories and the murals and the produce and the succulents and the oaks and the cypress. I love the mountains. I love my life here.
And off I go.

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