Thursday, May 27, 2010

hello bear

It's the full moon so it's time to write. I can't really decide what to write about. One thing is that I looked out my window yesterday and saw a bear in the backyard, just snacking on some pear tree.

Then the bear gingerly tried to knock over the compost bin. I felt like a sour adult yelling at a teenager doing something stupid/fun. I was like, "Hey bear! No! That's not cool! Stop!" and the bear looked at me like I was harshing his/her mellow so bad. It just walked away, stopped to eat some apple tree on it's hind legs, and then gallomphed into the woods. As Luke said, the most important thing is that we don't know this bear's pronoun preference.

The photos kind of suck, but I took them through the window. I had a moment where I thought about getting a better angle from outside, but then I heard the voice of my father who is terrified of pretty much anything that isn't wrapped in plastic or from a deli or on a leash, say "Bears are not cuddly even though you want them to be. They eat people." So. Sorry the pictures are just so so.

Another thing is that my new friend Angie, who amazingly runs a diaper service and is so special, took me to her elder harvesting spot and I cried. I have never seen so many elders. Angie said, "there are enough elders here to make elderberry syrup for the whole town." I brought home enough elder flowers to cover the kitchen table and make 2 gallons of elderflower mead. I can't wait til August to get those berries.

elderflower mead


Anonymous said...

I have the same friend Angie and had the pleasure of gathering elderberries with her and a few others not terribly long ago. (And then we made elderberry fruit leather on Sunday. It was great.)

I like your writing and what you choose to write about. I hope we meet in person sometime.

Joanna Macy IS amazing and astonishing and brilliant. I so wish I could join you for the "Taking Heart" workshop on Oct. 2 but I will probably be overwhelmed with preparing for a Grow Food Northampton event that starts that same day at 4pm. (I'm on the GFN board; we're in the process of fundraising to create the Northampton Community Farm in Florence on the Bean/Allard farmland. This is basically how I've channeled my grief and rage at the destructive Empire that appears hell-bent on ruining all that is alive and sacred.)

Jen Hartley

Dori Midnight said...

Thanks Jen!
I just learned how to find my comments and respond...I would love to meet sometime. I'm excited about GFN and the community farm. We'll definitely be doing the Taking Heart workshop again in a couple months- there was a lot of interest.
Hope to connect!