Wednesday, June 16, 2010

solstice gathering

I'm feeling a real need to acknowledge what's happening in the gulf right now. I've been getting so many emails from people who say they are crying their eyes out or having trouble getting through the day or from people down south feeling isolated and like the rest of the world doesn't care about what happens to them.
I think this (as well as the attack on the flotilla in Israel and all the other injustices we hear about or witness), is weighing heavy on us and it feels like it's time to come together in community and be in solidarity with all life. As much as the earth needs our tears and for us to feel what it is happening, we also need to ensure we don't get stuck in despair, shut down, or isolation. The solstice is a beautiful opportunity to make magic.
If you're in Western Mass, come out on Sunday, rain or shine.

Solstice Gathering for Healing the Waters
Sunday June 20th
~ meet next to the boathouse at Smith College
2:45~ we'll walk together to a quieter spot on the river

In this time of great devastation as over 75 million gallons of oil continue to spill into the Gulf of Mexico, many of us feel heartbroken and overwhelmed. Some of us feel shut down as well, because of the enormity of this disaster. Let's get together to stand in solidarity with the people and beings of the Gulf, honor the oceans, and do what we can to help the waters heal.

Bring a bucket or bowl and your songs, children, instruments, offerings, prayers (or whatever you want to call it), silence, plants, healing gifts, etc... and a snack for sharing at the end (we need to be well fed!)

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