Thursday, June 10, 2010

spirit garden and the sea

It's hard to believe, but this is my first real garden.
It's shocking, I know! I am a person who is meant to be carrying on about my garden and bringing bunches of dirty leaves to potlucks and getting up first thing in the morning to sing songs to zucchini and have non-violent communication with the snails and aphids. But I've been a city girl for a while with little access to garden. So I am kind of just making it all up as I go along, basically using witch skills to figure out what to do. We'll see if it works. I mean they're just plants, right? I've been talking to plants since I could talk.

I have carried a vision of my dream garden for a long time- a big circular garden full of herbs, oriented by the directions and elements, kind of like Juniper's garden in Wise Child. If you haven't read Wise Child by Monica Furlong, you should stop reading this blog and go to the library and get it and stay home and read it. I'm serious. Go.

Here is the beginning of the dirt patch with the huge crystal I dragged from California:

Now it is filled with yarrow, angelica, rosemary, calendula, echinacea, lavender, lady's mantle, sage, chamomile, love lies bleeding... just sitting in the dirt together, being all beautiful and everything.

I tell no lie, this gnome just showed up in a garden one night. He's protecting the strawberries from thieves and scoundrels. This is in the lasagna style raised bed we built from logs we found in the woods next to our house. Yes, I will be eating a lot of kale this summer. and fall. and winter.

Gardening seems like a miracle to me. Every morning I wake up and run out there and exclaim to no one that everything has grown. Overnight! 

This has been such a huge balm for me these days when I feel like my heart is breaking from the devastating situation of the Gulf. Some friends and I are starting a study action group focusing on water and I will write more about this soon. I am finding it so important to be in community- everyone I know is feeling this and holding a lot of grief and fear about the planet and all beings right now. We need each other and we need all the support we can get. Last night, when I couldn't fall asleep because of thinking about the sea turtles and the people of the gulf, and the ocean herself, I sang myself to sleep with this song I learned from Starhawk at a witchcamp many years ago:

The ocean is the beginning of the earth
The ocean is the beginning of the earth
All life comes from the sea
All life comes from the sea


Anonymous said...

Your garden is beautiful! Rain

Krishanti said...

I love your beautiful garden, and your little Gnome. It is a miracle to see things grow.
And yes - anyone who hasn't read Wise Child should go and read it post-haste! Juniper is good, too. Coleman not as great, but worth the read.

Karen said...

Dori -

I love your beautiful garden! It was so fabulous being at your wedding, and I'm glad I stumbled on your blog.
I love "Wise Child" - the whole series is one of my favorites - i haven't read it in a while, but I think I'll bring it home from work today (oh the joys of being a librarian!) and curl up for a reread!