Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the well of wellness: a tale

a tale...the long version.
(the short version follows below if you don't have time for fairy tales.)

Once upon a time there was a very small, but mighty witch who lived in a village in a wee cupcake castle with her baby unicorn and a miniature tiger. She dedicated her life to helping people heal from all the things they went through in their lives. She loved the people who came to see her for healing so much- all so beautiful in their own ways. When they sat across from her, she'd pour tea in their cup and see things- things that made her love them more. She could see their magic and the special light inside. She'd give them delicious elixirs or lay them down, put stones on top of them and wave plants over their bodies to make the light grow. When they left, they walked out of her cupcake house shinier and more themselves.

One day, she got sooooooo tired she thought she might like to find a nook in a tree with a mossy pillow and lay down for one hundred years. Maybe, she thought, when she woke up, she'd have a beard and also maybe the world would be a better place. Thinking about the whales and the bees and the oil spills and the prison industrial complex and the police brutality and the poverty made her so angry and so tired. Anyway, she got even more tired. She tried resting in her cupcake in the middle of the village, but soon came to realize that it was too busy and loud for her to rest. She loved the village and all the magical inhabitants so much it just about broke her heart to leave!

But the witch knew what she had to do. So the witch moved to a little mushroom in the woods, where she enjoyed the company of bears, an enchanted apple tree, some other magical friends, and a very kind lover. She walked her baby unicorn in the forest everyday and remembered what it was like to be wild. She slept under the stars and ate dandelion leaves and swam in cold rivers and ate soup with bones and sea weeds in it. She dreamed deep. It seemed the more she rested, the more rest she needed. She was scared sometimes and really fucking tired of being so tired. The witch would cry with her face pressed into the dirt and wonder why this was happening. There was so much to do in the world! But the witch also trusted this path; she had glimpses of what would come and had a sense that this slowing down was in service to being ready for the next chapter. Her life, after all, was committed to healing, so what else could she do? No time to throw the towel in, with the planet also unraveling---just like her! She knew that just like her mother earth, it was time to let the unraveling happen and to begin to re-weave a new tale of sustainability and healing.

The witch had always walked the line between the worlds, sometimes coming so close to death itself. Hello friend, she'd say. When she was but a young wee witch, she got so so so sick with something that grew inside of her, but wasn't her. She was very young and the people thought the best way to take care of her was to cut it out and burn it up. While this got rid of this thing, this cancer, it left her body very sensitive and tender. Since then, she learned to be tremendously gentle with herself and to listen to what her body says. The witch, being a pretty wise witch, knew that she could not be a very smart or trustworthy healer if she was not healing herself.

So, even though the witch could see things that were invisible and hear things that weren't said aloud, she could not know her own fate. That is part of the mystery of being alive and she knew in her heart being alive was so precious. So the witch rested and dreamed and let the leaves fall all around her. In a dream, she was visited by an owl. The owl told her that she must rest until the snow began to melt and then she would be ready to fly west. Again, she cried with her face in the dirt, but knew that she was still too unbaked and mushy to make her journey.

The witch dove into the earth for the cold and dark season. She laid a table for the dead and sang into the fires. She gazed into her blackest stone for visions and fished in her dreams for shimmering glimpses. She let herself be carried by the dark river of night to the cauldron of healing, where she would emerge in spring with seeds for liberation.

ze end

The short story:
Due to health challenges, I won't be able to come to SF for the month of November. I am so sad to miss all your beautiful faces and the magic stuff I had planned. It is such a bummer.
My health is actually improving and my body is healing, but it became clear to me that it would be best to rest and not push it. What's going on is that I have serious adrenal fatigue and am recovering from a long bout of epstein barr. Part of all this is that I am a cancer survivor, which really created some intense happenings in my body.
In response to the question if I'm okay, the answer is yes, I am deeply healing, sweet people. Thanks for asking.

I may be making a tiny visit at the end of the month, and will be in touch about that. If you made an appointment with me, I will be in touch by November 1st about rescheduling.

I am available for phone sessions.

As of now, my dreamy plan is to come to the bay area in March for a couple weeks to work and teach. Yay Spring!

I am so grateful for all the prayers, wishes, love and good juju you all send me. Thank you.

With love,


JL said...

Wishing you wellness and peace. Stay warm and enchanted, lovely witch-friend. Jx

Jaina Bee said...

Thank you for this inspiring fairy tale— happily ever after begins now! <3

sq said...

hi dori--i'm thinking of you, and wishing you a fine, beautiful and healthy new year. seeley in oakland

Riyana-Rebecca said...

Dear one, thank you so much for putting your experience into such beautiful words and magical images. I hope that your healing keeps deepening and that we see you very soon.

Lotsa love,

Stephanie said...

Hi Dori - your story couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you for continually inspiring in all you do!