Wednesday, June 15, 2011

are you there full moon eclipse? it's me, Dori

Hi everybody!

Today is the full moon in sagittarius with a total eclipse this afternoon, in case you were wondering why you feel so weird.

My plan is to lay in the sun until I'm hot, then jump into the gorge, then lay in the sun until I get really, really hot and repeat this cycle until I'm hungry and have to eat something delicious and sip on the young lilac mead Luke made last week. What??? I know. It honestly tastes like the nectar of the goddess. I know, cause I've sipped on that too.

I am also going to think on what intentions I made on the last full moon eclipse on winter solstice and see how it's going, like two full moon parentheses six months apart. Someone sent me an email that said something like, "do not try to resist this moon, it will only make it worse." Okay, Yoda, I'm just going to lay down and let that moon realign me like only a full moon eclipse can.

I'm pretty sure I need to be off the computer for that to happen, so I'm going to tell you about a few events and then turn this thing off and start being cosmically re-arranged and let the moon fill me up 'til my fingernails are silver slivers of light. (going to the witch spa, people, to get me a moon-i/pedi. hello, can we please open a witch spa?)

FIRST of all, for those of you in western mass, I am facilitating a workshop this weekend! Come!

Saturday, June 18th, 1-4 pm
Montview Neighborhood Farm
Northampton, MA

n this experiential workshop, we’ll explore our interconnectedness with each other and the earth, at a time in which our very survival, as a species and as a planet, seems to hang in the balance. Come and learn powerful skills, processes, and tools for healing the land and ourselves, that address issues such as histories of stolen land and toxic exposure. We will participate in exercises that help us to experience our responses to our present situation and empower us to move forward in healing and restoring our world. This workshop is $25-60 sliding scale.

Space is limited. Please register in advance by emailing montview AT pedalpeople.COM or calling 413-825-6795 x306. You can also pay and register via PayPal at

I will also be part of a BOOK CHAT (kind of like a talk show about books) with Michelle Tea at Food for Thought Books in Amherst on Tuesday, June 28th at 7pm. We were each asked to talk about a classic book that changed our life and something contemporary that we love. I'm going to talk about the post-apocalyptic, magically gay, bee priestess-y, mind-blowing novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing, by Starhawk and Urban Homesteading, a new book by Rachel Kaplan and K Ruby Blume, which I have a little piece in about healing and homesteading. This book is so brilliant and awesome and I highly recommend checking it out! I will be bringing some herbal elixirs to try and Michelle is always a charming, hilarious host, so it should be a gay old time.

(by the end of this post, I expect at least a few of you to have moved to western mass for the swimming holes, fermented beverages, and events. see you soon?)

Sending so much love on this bright, potent day,


Rie said...

Between the books, mead, and Michelle Tea, NoHo sounds better and better...

Wickie Stamps said...

just reading some of the notes of our working together. good to hear from you as i have been thinking about you. yes, eclipse. will pass the word to lauren. you are missed!

Sandy Loam said...

oh geez, i was thinking about emailing you and then thought i might just check your blog instead. thanks for a short and sweet clarity about why i feel so weird. fully remembering it's a full moon, but not entirely integrating that it actually does something with me. ha ha. silly me. i guess i do need to make it a point to spend some time in the garden today. thanks for your words dori!

mary annie said...

hi dori, dirtstar missed you! but i brought your witches, bitches and hoes tincture for everyone to taste, set it beside my sweet potata yams that i baked in the outdoor oven at the tenderloin national forest. i fed the yams to at least 50 people while telling the story of their original name, nyami! someday i will tell you that story too. i think it is raining in san francisco right now and i am up way past bedtime. thanks for reminding me of the cosmic realignment available from full moon bathing. just calling to say i love you, your mind, and the magic you always weave. thanks for the lovely blog. xo mary ann

søren said...

I would TOTALLY go to a witch spa. And I live here already, so I don't need to move!
If you come by the Tuesday Market behind Thornes this week I'll give you tastings of other mead - Green River Ambrosia. Also the best damn alcoholic ginger beer ever!