Tuesday, February 7, 2012

full moon: magics! classes! weather!

welcome to the full moon! People keep talking about what a weird winter it is, with so many signs of spring happening when we should be freezing and bemoaning the long winter and wondering when spring will come. This spring-ish energy is certainly moving through me like the bright moon on the snow.

Below is a list of some upcoming things I am excited about, including an intensive in community healing and magic, which has been in the ground like a tiny ancient seed for a loooooooooong time. Here it is, popping it's bright green head out of the earth to be macked on and relished by you birds/people/magical creatures! This intensive begins on the full moon in May and meets one weekend a month for three months. We will be deepening into magical places of collective and personal healing and explore things like daily practices for grounding and protection, working with stone, plant, and animal allies, creating rituals, ancestral healing, dream work, and skills for community healing. I can't wait. more information below.

I'm doing a workshop on community wellness for radiation exposure as a benefit for the Safe and Green Campaign to shut down Vermont Yankee in Brattleboro, VT this coming weekend, if you're around these parts.

And please consider joining me, Fearn Lickfield, and Pam Montgomery in May/June for an incredible intensive on Earth Healing, including geomancy, earth acupuncture, council of all beings, and more at Pam's beautiful sanctuary in Vermont. More information on Pam's website, here: http://www.partnereartheducationcenter.com/earthspirithealing.html

Also, many people have been asking about the transnatural listserve, which is a great community resource that fellow herbalist Jacoby Ballard and I (very lightly) moderate. It's open to people who are interested in herbs and holistic support for trans folks- practitioners and non-practitioners alike. If you're interested in joining, you can subscribe by sending an email to transnatural-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Such good discussion and information sharing!

Please pass this along to people who might enjoy any of this. I love to expand our beautiful web of people I love who you love who they love. If you know what I mean.

I hope whatever weird weather is moving around you and through you fills you with some gladness for life and moves you to the places you want to be.

with love,

PS! I thought I'd join facebook for Brigid/groundhog's day, but I am just too overwhelmed by it. Can people who are fb savvy post this info somehow? Or would someone like to help me join the future already? I'm serious, I'd love some help making a page to be liked. Let me know if you are that person.


Radiate Wellness: Holistic support for community health in radioactive times
Saturday, February 11, 2012
Brattleboro Holistic Health
62 Elliot St.
Suggested donation: $5-20
All proceeds benefit the Safe and Green Campaign to shut down Vermont Yankee

Come and learn powerful, simple skills for surviving and thriving in these times of environmental uncertainty in which we are all exposed to varying levels of radiation. We’ll explore herbal and nutritional remedies for daily wellness, practices for boosting your immunity and vitality, as well as holistic support for acute radiation exposure. You will leave with easy, affordable recipes and skills to share with your family and friends and a greater sense of courage and calm.
To register contact Leah Mutz:
leah@brattleboroholistichealth.com or (802)251-0888

COMMUNITY CAULDRON: an intensive in practical magic and healing

explore and deepen into personal, community, and planetary magic and healing grounded in collective liberation and self-determinism

intuitive arts
grounding & protection practices
ritual & ceremony
ancestral healing
plant, stone, and animal magic
dream work
& more.

one weekend a month for three months
May 5 & 6
June 16 & 17
July 7 & 8

sliding scale $540- $650 for the entire intensive
early bird discount: $500 by March 1, 2012
*I am committed to making this financially accessible. work/trade and partial scholarship is available, please contact me for further information.

Williamsburg, MA (15 minutes from Northampton, 2 hours from Boston, 3 hours from NYC)

space is limited
To register or request more info about the intensive, please contact me.

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Little Red said...

Oh my DAYS I wish I lived nearer to this! (5500 miles might be a little too far though...)
Have a ball - these courses sound wonderful...and happy happy spring-coming to you Dori xx