Wednesday, June 18, 2008

big ol Full Moon

Happy Full moon, people!
Here's some news for you!

You can listen to an interview of
Kara Sigler and me about our workshop on herbs and nutrition for trans folks on KPFA!>archives---->Full Circle----> June 6th

Upcoming Classes:
Magical Boundaries> using magic to make and maintain boundaries for trans and genderqueer folks
@ TRans:THRIvE 815 Hyde St. btwn Bush & Sutter
JULY 22nd

Making and USIng Flower Essences
Sunday July 27, 2-5 pm $25-50 plus $8 supply fee
Flower essences are magical and powerful remedies that people have been making and using for ages (for example the ever-popular Rescue Remedy) . They draw on the "essence" of the plant for its particular healing properties and are often used for emotional and spiritual imbalances, crisis and transformation. We will cover the basics of flower essences, uses and applications, and make our own essence in the garden! Come get your fairy on and learn more about this innately sustainable folk magic!
to register:

Enjoy that moon tonight- it's going to be a knock out.
much love,

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My First Time and a recipe for you

Friends, Lovers, Countrypeople! Welcome to my blob and Happy New Moon!
An auspicious day to begin this blog (which by the way is a testament to manifestation. A certain weeyotch, also known for curing foot injuries, said, "I've decided you will have a blog.") I am writing this mainly see what color the text is, but while I am here I will share a secret recipe for Honey Dripping Onions, which will keep you in high health through the wet wintry muck.

Slice an onion into skinny thin slices.
Put them in a bowl.
Cover them with honey (and put a little plate over the bowl if you have creatures that visit your countertops).
Let it sit overnight.
Now you have delicious, soft sweet onions, medicinal honey, and a pretty good marinade too. Put it in a little jar and put it in the fridge. Eat a spoonful everyday to keep the sickness away.

Make a blog: check.
PS I am all for turning the tides about fear of garlic and onion breath. I am pretty sure somehow this is a conspiracy cooked up to keep us addicted to pharmaceuticals or at least anti-witchcraft. Personally, I will take a kiss from a garlic eater anytime.