Thursday, December 17, 2009

climate summit: I love you, evo morales

I have been obsessively listening to the Climate Summit on Democracy Now every morning. My desire to be there, to be in the streets of copenhagen with protesters from around the world stems not from guilt or obligation, but from a place deep in my heart that knows that we all need to be stepping up right now. My friend Riyana is there and I have been reading her posts like a hungry bear. if you want to read a beautiful and thoughtful summary of one protestors' experience, go here.

Also, was I dreaming or did Bolivian President Evo Morales say Mother Earth on the radio and then go on to call for an end to capitalism and industrial growth society?  my mind was blown by hearing a world leader make sense. 


    AMY GOODMAN: President Morales, what are you calling here—for here at the UN climate summit? 

    PRESIDENT EVO MORALES: [translated] Defense of the rights of Mother Earth. The earth is our life. Nature is our home, our house. Happily, the United Nations have declared a Mother Earth Day. If the mother is recognized as Mother Earth, it’s something that can’t be sold, it’s something that can’t be—it can’t be violated, something sacred. This is nature. This is planet earth. And that’s why I’ve come here, to defend the rights of Mother Earth, to defend the rights to life, to defend humanity and saving Mother Earth

Sunday, December 13, 2009

solstice feast 2009

Check out more photos from the event here

Winter Solstice Two Thousand Nine

A Night of Ritual + Magic + Nourishment

Celebrating the Night and the Light

With Dori Midnight & a 4 Course Winter Feast by Yasmin Golan, chef

Kitchen Witchery + Feast + Magic

Sunday December 20 2009

In the Mission

The Four-Course Menu will shepherd us through the Longest Night of the Year, Between the Bones and Leaves of the Old Year, Over the Marrow of Love, Beneath the Cold Heat of the Northern Lights, Into a Galaxy of Stars; From an Abyss, into the Winter Sunshine. And Beyond.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

kitchen witch, charming honey

I have been charming so much honey, y'all! It's true that the Hot Sex Charmed Honey is selling out- the ladies at Gravel & Gold  cannot keep it on the shelves and then get the juicy dirty tales from customers... yow.
Of course, there is always Fertility Honey, Love Spell Honey, and Abundance Honey. I am working on a Home Sweet Home honey right now too, which will be ready in the late winter.
AND I have been spell-crafting some personalized charmed honey for some people this season including a Finish That Dissertation, Honey and a honey made to bring an awesome boyfriend with cute fashion who is also a good listener into someone's life. 
I love my job!

pagu hard at work, being a familiar


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Magic Potions with the Little Ones!

My babies!!!
Magical Arts at CASA at Rooftop Alternative School in San Francisco, where I have been teaching for over 10 years! This week we made Magical Potions: Tsia is holding up her "Happiness Elixir" with essences of Rose Quartz, Fairy Magic, I Love Myself, and Sunshine. Aminah, Georgia, and Sierra are sniffing Georgia's sweet concoction for good dreams. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

apothequeery at dirtstar

this weekend i set up shop at dirtstar (one of the amazing events of the queer cultural center) which hosted some SF homesteaders, activists, artists, performers, and myself.

here's what i did:

Reverend Dori Midnight’s Apothequeery:

 spellcrafted elixirs to sustain the spirit at DIRTSTAR (queer cultural festival)

As dirt- loving visionaries, I ask how we can sustain our hearts, bodies, and spirits while creating sustainable communities and alternative worlds. As we work and play for justice, learn to live on stolen land, and constantly have our hearts broken by the state of things, how do we not get burnt out, depleted, disconnected, full of grief and just plain sick and tired? 

 all ye  in need of healing and magic, step up to the apothequeery for some sweet relief for what ails you. Choose from Baby Nems' Sweet Stuff (hibiscus, ginger, lemongrass, rose), Roots and Wings (burdock root, dandelion root, sassafras, and yellow dock) or Chocolate Spice (cocoa, cayenne, licorice) and add your medicine: Heart Mender, Dr. Sprinkle's Breast Wishes (Yes. I made an essence of her breasts this summer), Wonder Syrup and more....

Magic, intimacy and healing are underground interruptors of capitalism; I want to provide a community oriented space for healing, as opposed the usual privatized, individual, and expensive “healthcare” that queers, genderqueers, low income folks, and people  of color have limited access to anyway.  I seek to reclaim the spirit (alcohol) and infuse the space with heart and deep healing, while addressing the impact that oppression has on our spirits. As in- betweeners, and dwellers of in-between spaces, we have special access to the world between worlds: the realm of magic.

Step into my Apothequeery and be charmed.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

California Poppy Sings Us to Sleep

 I just made up a batch of fresh California Poppy tincture while singing Oooooh child things are gonna get easier, ooooh child things will get brighter. Thank you Nina Simone!

I am in love with this plant- her petals are Cheeto-orange silk wings that make a cup of gold that fairies sleep in. I take this medicine when I can't sleep but my whole body aches with tiredness, like a wound-up toddler who ate cookies before bed, but refuses to go to bed and instead runs around the house until she stubs her toe and wails. This is actually an amazing remedy for children (not just adults who turn into children with the help of white sugar.)
 California Poppy, our state flower, nods all over the hills of California like a tiny queen, closing up her wings at night into a fruit roll up. 
As an essence, she teaches us that all that glitters is not gold and supports our shifts out of addiction. I often put her in a remedy for someone who is quitting smoking or using weed and still has the deep hunger of addiction gnawing inside. I also like her as an ally for the addiction to altered states or sleep as escape. California Poppy holds us in her golden chalice and sings sweet songs of solace when we are knee deep in discomfort.
After I made this jar, I placed a magnificent chunk of Citrine on top to just add to the glow...ooooh child things are gonna get brighter.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


just another day at fairy camp...

the hard work of building homes for those demanding garden gnomes

tyler (magical name: gina aquamarine mermaid) loves his rose crown

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the beauty

Some more photos from my visit at the flower essence society in nevada city.

the roots of impatience. 
no really, these are the roots of the glorious Impatiens glandulifera- the remedy for irritation and rushing. 

Oh Tiger Lily, why are you so beautiful? Some say that this remedy helps us to be in balanced power- for me this plant's  medicine is so much about being unafraid to fly with grace, while being sure to gaze down at the earth and remember one's roots. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fairy grad school

I just spent a week in Fairy Heaven. Actually it was more like Fairy Grad School. I met my dear friend (and brilliant intuitive counselor/flower essence practitioner) Shayne up in Nevada City for a week long intensive at the Flower Essence Society, run by the grand pubas of flower essences, Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski. 
It was in their house, which was totally out of Lord of the Rings- swirling sparkling fountains, ornately carved doors with crystals and tiny spiders made of jewels, distinctly Waldorfian lack of right angles, the entire house organized by COLOR! And on such exquisite land I cried almost everyday- once in a crotch of Madrone trees in the woods, again laying in a ridiculously abundant field of calendula, later upon sticking my face into a velvet palace known as Magnolia...This place was remedy in itself. 
After years of taking  essences made from these flowers, I found myself face to face with these beloveds- kind of like meeting your soul mate from the internet after years of online romance. There was the labrynth of yarrow, the first essence I ever took, holding an inner circle of Ladies Mantle, my current lover. 
And I was so inspired by their laboratory where the mother essences are poured with prayer into the tiny purple bottles you buy or drool over at your health food store. Every day we were fed with fairy vittles and sent outside to wander and lay in the delicious Northern California sunshine- my kind of school. I came home each evening to our little cabin aglow and full of information, and then we would traipse through the magical village of Nevada City, where I met the lovely Wendy, chef and lady shopkeeper of In the Kitchen (where you can now find my Charmed Honey).
 I love the Yuba River and I love those craggy blood red mountains, and also, I feel really at home in a place called Gold Country. 
I feel full and grateful.