Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the well of wellness: a tale

a tale...the long version.
(the short version follows below if you don't have time for fairy tales.)

Once upon a time there was a very small, but mighty witch who lived in a village in a wee cupcake castle with her baby unicorn and a miniature tiger. She dedicated her life to helping people heal from all the things they went through in their lives. She loved the people who came to see her for healing so much- all so beautiful in their own ways. When they sat across from her, she'd pour tea in their cup and see things- things that made her love them more. She could see their magic and the special light inside. She'd give them delicious elixirs or lay them down, put stones on top of them and wave plants over their bodies to make the light grow. When they left, they walked out of her cupcake house shinier and more themselves.

One day, she got sooooooo tired she thought she might like to find a nook in a tree with a mossy pillow and lay down for one hundred years.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

fall is falling

It's Autumn, people!
It's the new moon!

The trees are totally on fire, the ground is golden and so soft under my feet, and everything is turning inward. I though this would feel so scary to me, as I am a Californian to my core and basically like to channel lizards in the sun, but I am diving into the dark time with total abandon. It makes sense to my body to let my sap flow downwards and be underground for a while. The bears and turkeys have been feasting on the apples which land on the grass behind the house with a sweet thunk every so often, scaring me and Rainbow.
I am putting things in jars, making teas to support me in this transitional time, eating soup for a village, going to bed at 9:30, and sporting a new/old look of a lot of layers, including really warm wrist cuffs knitted for me about one billion years ago when I was but a wee lass by my fellow canning maven and cat whisperering magician, Jen Smith. Thank you Jen Jen!

Full moon: on healing justice

I am excited to be going to this workshop through C-integral tomorrow.
It seems like more and more people are integrating healing work and activism, the spiritual and the political, and personal transformation and social justice. YES!
Here is what the organizers of c-integral say:

A new philosophy of leadership and practice of social change is emerging, one that grows out of an ethic of liberation, interdependence of all life, and the fullness of who we are. It values strategies and actions that embody courage, compassion and wisdom-directed social action for transformative change. This new leadership archetype is committed to service, personal transformation and spiritual growth; it takes on difficult issues and acts from inner sources of empathy, solidarity and love. This new leadership paradigm argues that personal transformation and the evolution of human consciousness manifests in social and planetary transformation.

Transformative practice holds personal and collective liberation at the center and develops balanced, harmonious and soul-filled leadership. In concert with skillful group process, reflective practice builds a reservoir of energy, a deep center of resilience, passion, hope and commitment that is always available to individuals in the midst of chaos and crises, great turmoil and difficulty, tension and conflict. These practices help us perceive incongruities in our own beliefs, values, feeling and behaviors, and seek to address these. At the same time, these practices enable us to bear witness to seemingly contradictory, irreconcilable and opposing views and perspectives—in ourselves and in others—without needing to resolve them. These practices help us learn to be comfortable with not knowing, with ambiguity and uncertainty. Through these practices we relearn how to see and be in the world.

While transformative practices are a critical ingredient that can help shape the direction of social action, these practices become more potent when skillfully applied to social injustice in its many forms. To this end, they are most useful when combined with critical awareness and understanding that oppression —cultural, institutional, interpersonal and psychological manifestations of separateness, ranking and imposition— is the historical root cause of social and environmental injustice and continues to stand as a major obstacle to solving the most pressing issues of humanity and our planet today.

Hallelujah and blessed be!