Wednesday, January 19, 2011

full moon, owl's flight

It's been a while. I've been hibernating in Narnia. For real. Tonight, the full moon is shining on the trees, with leaves and needles encased in crystal and silver and the ground sparkles and glitters and reflects. The world is frozen and still. Icicles are daggering off the roof, channeling the light and it's hard to sleep.

I've been thinking about the dark. One month ago tonight, the full moon eclipsed on solstice eve and I walked in the woods with no light but the moon to guide me. We can talk a lot, during these winter days, about becoming friends with the dark, about letting ourselves give into the shadow and lean back into the night, but what does is really mean to get intimate with the darkness?

A few years ago, a teacher of mine challenged me to walk in the woods. Alone. At night.