Saturday, January 23, 2010

Magical Arts: stone stories

"Fennel is for Farting!"

Amaranta and Malcolm, two graduates of Magical Arts, teach the younger students about the magic of Fennel- a beautiful and very useful plant that grows all over wild near parking lots and abandoned hillsides by the school. A tea of fennel will really help when you are a wee bit gassy.

After our herb walk, I did a class on Crystal Magic. I brought in all my most magical stones and introduced the kinder- 4th graders to Lapis, Amethyst, Malachite, Rose Quartz, and more. I led the class on a guided journey inside the stone to meet the spirit and ask for it's story or any healing it wanted to share. Here are some of the tales:

Diego, 10 yrs old, with Labradorite: "His real name is Luma. He is of the stars. He fills you with starlights and gives you magic."

Ruby, 7 yrs old, with Rose Quartz: "She told me a story how one day there was a clear crystal and it fell in love with a rose. They loved each other and wanted to be with each other forever and so they became this stone. It is for love. It is for your heart."

Lorelei, 7 yrs old, with Obsidian: "This stone took me on a ride through a volcano, into the earth to show me where he or she or whatever where they came from. I saw all the way into the past and under everything. Then it rolled me back into my heart."

Lucy, 9 yrs old, with Smoky Quartz: "This stone protects you. It helps you when you feel afraid and afraid to be alone. It is a friend and helps you help the earth heal."

They are geniuses, it's true. I love love love them sooooooo much.

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