Saturday, August 8, 2009

California Poppy Sings Us to Sleep

 I just made up a batch of fresh California Poppy tincture while singing Oooooh child things are gonna get easier, ooooh child things will get brighter. Thank you Nina Simone!

I am in love with this plant- her petals are Cheeto-orange silk wings that make a cup of gold that fairies sleep in. I take this medicine when I can't sleep but my whole body aches with tiredness, like a wound-up toddler who ate cookies before bed, but refuses to go to bed and instead runs around the house until she stubs her toe and wails. This is actually an amazing remedy for children (not just adults who turn into children with the help of white sugar.)
 California Poppy, our state flower, nods all over the hills of California like a tiny queen, closing up her wings at night into a fruit roll up. 
As an essence, she teaches us that all that glitters is not gold and supports our shifts out of addiction. I often put her in a remedy for someone who is quitting smoking or using weed and still has the deep hunger of addiction gnawing inside. I also like her as an ally for the addiction to altered states or sleep as escape. California Poppy holds us in her golden chalice and sings sweet songs of solace when we are knee deep in discomfort.
After I made this jar, I placed a magnificent chunk of Citrine on top to just add to the glow...ooooh child things are gonna get brighter.

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